Move to live

I remain convinced that exercise is one of the most important ingredients in a Healthy Life Bakers  cake . I also believe that it is not possible to reach optimal health without it. We need exercise to lower our insulin levels and at best it can reduce your risk of …

The Mirror

Although the greatest thing we have in common as humans is our frame, our DNA is uniquely individual so much so that we all look different in our shape and our size, even our internal perception of the world we live in is uniquely individual. With that understanding is it possible Generic …


When we have Balance in our lives, a flow of movement and exercise that is not  to stress us but energize .

When we are eating well, renewing our ever changing cells with nutrients that our bodies are designed for.

When we are relaxing, not obsessing outside of ourselves in pursuit of a material driven life

When we are connecting with our families,our lovers, friends, our tribe and our community spiritually, emotionally and physically…

We are Happy !!

Martin van wellness


A baker for life