I grew up in a small suburb of Christchurch in New Zealand where our home was surrounded by undeveloped lush farmland and untouched forests with pristine rivers and small creeks flowing around it all.

It was here I developed my passion for healthy outdoor life, adventure and a strong appreciation of nature in its purest form.
I surfed the cold waters of the east coast of the south island until my late teens, when I decided to make the warm climate of Australia my home.

From there, the world that I knew changed, as I traveled for years around the globe exploring different cultures and seeking new experiences.  It was an amazing time and helped to shape who I am today.

Through my travels I always intuitively knew that clean unprocessed food and regular exercise were the building blocks for my continued good health.

So I followed my interests  and studied further to become a holistic exercise and health coach, focusing on people as individuals and learning how to assess them at a deeper level to get the best results possible.

"Good Health is our greatest asset and it is a rewarding privilege to help guide whoever I can to gain it back or simply just to improve it."

Martin van Waelsden