As we age and gradually our hair becomes grayer and even whiter ,our crevasses on our faces become deeper and more mature.We know the doorway on our life as we understand it it is gently closing.

But its not over by a long shot, weight and resistance training has been around for a long time and it has survived as an important tool for health and longevity for a very good reason 7 in fact!  As we age our muscle mass begins to diminish but we can now easily replace the lean muscle mass we have lost by strength training through the use of weights and resistant bands and cables. Importantly if we do not challenge our muscles with this form of exercise the fat in our bodies will keep on increasing while our muscle mass decreases.

1 Helps to maintain Balence

2 Helps to maintain flexibility

3 Will improve stamina

4 Will improve flexibility

5 Will protect you from joint injury

6 Will increase bone density while lowering your risk of Osteoporosis

7 Most importantly the more muscle you have the more efficiently your body will burn calories and you will lose weight!!


“I believe that this should be done regularly throughout your life to not only preserve but also to improve your muscle mass.”

I will be introducing a series of progressive exercises to build you to a point where you can if you have not already started this valuable method of improving your strength and stability..


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