Move to live

I remain convinced that exercise is one of the most important ingredients in a Healthy Life Bakers  cake .

I also believe that it is not possible to reach optimal health without it.

We need exercise to lower our insulin levels and at best it can reduce your risk of obesity,cancer and heart disease. My favorite form of exercise commences at 6.30 am 3 days per week it can take me up to 1.5 hrs.

Yeah its the beauty of semi retirement, i can devote more awareness and time into my personal life extension work.

My Master plan is to gracefully glide into my older years drug and disease free ,it could be yours too !

I have found that a personal stretching program just for my body, not a group class for all types of bodies works better for me . We are all different and so is our needs in  exercise. I will meditatively stretch for a half hour and then train my body on an ever changing program that i design for strength and balance,stability and speed.

Every 2nd day i will just devote to stretching in the time i have allowed and each day i will also find 15 -30 minutes to go through my Qi Gong practice which i have selected to invigorate and refresh my energy levels.

I find this very calming and keeps me grounded.

It may sound like a lot of work and effort but at this stage of my life i can and will reap the benefits ..I realize that not all of us have the time and motivation also just knowing where and how to start can be overwhelming.

At best the key here is just to get started with something, once your automated habit is up and running then the motivation can and will jump in and you will be on the path to a more healthier and vibrant lifestyle.

Cardio and aerobic exercise will not be enough to get you over the line you will need a holistic strategy that will address far more.

I hope in the later part of this year to release a comprehensive list of life changing exercises that i have selected for several target groups to take your life to the next level.

Don’t look back keep moving forward,

Stay in your kitchen of life  and # Bethecakeyouwantobake

Martin van wellness

A Baker for Life

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