Who’s your Ancestor ?

Have you ever wondered why some foods can throw you into a tailspin physically and emotionally and the after effects can hang around for days. Some of us are repeat offenders and we go for the sensory hit and stuff the consequences yet we suffer and we cruelly punish our living cells ,who wait in a state of anxiety for the next gulp of perceived pleasure. “Really we are heading into that lullaby state again and its the state of Madness”.

What if i told you that in the 1930’s researchers began to identify ways in which we were all different from each other in a biochemical and metabolic level. In other words our generic inheritance and our DNA can govern what our bodies really need for Fuel. Perhaps we need to honor our ancestral linage and eat what our bodies were designed for?

There is so much more information out there now and many websites to test your ancestral DNA .

Its one of many  ingredients you can find and  work with to add to that special recipe to bake your own cake of life.

Lets get Back to the Kitchen together!


Martin van wellness

A Baker for life

If you would like some further information contact me  martin@olderandstronger.com.au

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