The Mirror

Although the greatest thing we have in common as humans is our frame, our DNA is uniquely individual so much so that we all look different in our shape and our size, even our internal perception of the world we live in is uniquely individual. With that understanding is it possible Generic drugs and certain  food groups that are sold to us as a mass population fail to address our individual Health and in most cases make it worse and even create some diseases and possibly trigger off a decline in our overall health.The constant repetition of  processed comfort foods send our organs and living cells into a traumatized state . O.M.G I can hear them calling out saying “what is this shit ? ” How the hell am i meant to reproduce healthy cells to keep you alive ? when all you feed me is crap  day after day.”. Fortunately now there is a major shift in our way of thinking ,some people learn from a natural curiosity and others have to burn emotionally and even physically through the hoop of fire before we learn to accept the inevitable.We now have to be more responsible for our own individual heath more than ever before as the world we live in is geared more about driving us into an unhealthy codependency with large companies who do not have our best interests at heart.I believe we have been seduced into a lullaby state taking us away from being in touch with our bodies , our emotions and our essence of spirituality.

Painfully the truth can seduce us into avoiding making a change to do the work needed to regain some form of ownership of our health  . For some, this truth is that it is far more comfortable to stay with what i know than to be a life Baker and bring in and add the ingredients you know are going to challenge you ,yet deep down you know that this is the path your body needs to live a happy healthy life.

 So if you have cheated that person in the mirror , your final reward can only be heartache and tears..


Martin van wellness

A Baker for life






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