Nutrition and Hydration

I can remember with a smile of amusement and embarrassment the first time of what I thought was normal for me was becoming downright annoying.

I was attending my Wednesday night yoga class, I loved the sense of calm I felt during it and that feeling would last for several days. So as you can imagine I was a yogaholic.

I forever was having bad gas and was aware of its consequences not only for me but anybody within range.

During the yoga class in the downward dog position it all came undone it felt like something inside of me roared out and it was deadly, as you can imagine the room suddenly emptied!!

I knew then I needed help and after much research discovered I had been suffering from leaky gut. This was not uncommon and most of the population suffer from it at some stage.

It is basically having the internal walls of my stomach and colon weakened from overeating processed carbohydrates and too much sugar to the stage where I was overloaded with bad bacteria and everything I ate actually leaked into my bloodstream causing gas, bloating and all kinds of toilet problems.

So after much consultation with naturopaths and my own research I cleaned up my diet and within three months I could with great relief bravely return to my yoga class and bend and twist with no sudden surprises.

So after my sudden interest and amazement at all these health issues, I started to check my stool every morning and began to notice that the days I did not drink 2-3 litres of clean water It looked like rabbit droppings and this I knew from my endless research was the first obvious sign of constipation brought on by lack of effort to drink the correct amount of water that my body needed.

The Penny dropped. The basics to good heath for me was Good Nutrition and plenty of water. My life changed from that point to finally being a better and healthier version of myself.

So maybe it’s time to look at the ingredients you are putting into your life and have another go at baking the cake that you really should be.

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