The Basic ingredients to Good health

As we move into, as Dr Wayne Dwyer calls it, The afternoon of our life, we are very aware now of our time clock and how fast life seems to move, everything can and does look a little more different now.

I used to dread the morning mirror work and the shave and watch the razor catch that extra valley of wrinkles and so I would have to scrape the razor in from a different angle to get the same result where only a few years earlier my skin was firm and taut and one smooth glide would remove the lot, now it’s like a lawn mow from different angles.

I have to work a little harder now with the help of my dentist to keep the whiteness in my teeth and present a glow of well-maintained meat and vege choppers to the world.

So yeah things change, but somehow I have learnt to do the best I can with what I have and to always know that I am good enough. That skill takes a little time to get, it’s knowing that we have to take responsibility for our own health and practically take action on it and own the fact that we can help ourselves a lot more than what we are told.

That is the start to baking your cake

What has a cake got to do with all this you may well ask?

Well if you look at the life that you want, you can use the concept of baking a cake because really, it can be as simple as that.

Here’s my basic recipe you can add your own ingredients as you become more knowledgeable and better at baking.

The Type of Cake

First, you must know what you want. That is the most important step as you are acknowledging that something could be missing or it’s something you know you need or that you want something better for yourself

The Basic ingredients

Exercise and movement = without having to go into too much science we all know at a deeper level that movement is what the body is designed to do and if we don’t use it, well we certainly will lose it!

So, find something you like, even a slow relaxing walk around the block to start with (small beginning’s do pay off) and try to create a regular ritual of it 2-3 times a week at a time that suits you.

Eat a healthier breakfast after your walk something you know is good for you and will give you longer lasting energy.

Drink at least 2-3 litres of clean water every day.

Start reading articles, watching videos and documentaries and follow people that can supply you with information on health and well-being, it will help to encourage you.

When you know more! You can do more to help yourself, that’s my basic cake of life recipe so get into your kitchen of life and start baking and be the cake you want.

If you would like some further baking skills and more info on better ingredients for your own cake of life recipe email me


Martin van Wellness.  A Baker for life!

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