Exercise and Movement – The Essential Guide

Imagine getting off the couch or getting out of the car without having to use all of your upper body strength to assist those dull butt muscles and successfully grunting your way to your feet and hoping your balance will set you up smoothly for your first step forward. Imagine a smooth glide up and out without a creak, strain or an ache, it can be achieved!

Hey I’m not saying we all go through this but I’m sure it’s happened at some time and maybe some of us still struggle with this.

So that is an example of a series of basic movement patterns and it involves the bend, squat, push and even the pull movement.

Now if we are not strong and capable in any of these basic movements we as an aging lot can easily injure ourselves and struggle

Life can become tiring and all our energy can be soaked up just getting through the day in these basic movements and there is seven that has been recognised as important in our daily lives

  1. Lunge
  2. Pull
  3. Push
  4. Bend
  5. Squat
  6. Twist
  7. The Gait = Walk, run, sprint.

So the goal would be to firstly be aware that these movements actually happen a lot in our lives and for some of us on a very regular basis. So you would mentally and physically take note where your weaknesses are in these areas of movement.

Are we capable of moving in and out of these positions without strain or pain or do we grunt, snort and huff and puff our way through and even cringe when we are asked to put the grandkids into their safety seats in the car.

Oh dear! if so I can relate, But there are simple solutions and most of it can be done with some form of regular exercise that incorporates all of these movements so you are gaining strength .The alternative is that you can focus on the areas that you most need in your work place, your social activities and hobbies that will give you a more energised day without all the unnecessary strain and pain.

It is a great bonus to be physically capable of having some fun with the grandkids or even your grown up kids to kick a ball throw, a Frisbee swim across the creek or even go and body surf or ride that bike longer.


So all of this can create fear and its horribly debilitating and the mind can make us think that we older than we really are!

All the science is now pointing to functional exercise training using body weight to start with and slowly progressing into harder movements using weights all designed to strengthen your body and sharpen your mind.

So as I mentioned in my earlier blog it’s all about baking your cake and knowing what the essential ingredients are that you as an individual need to improve your health. Please email me for further life recipes and useful education on improving your health  martin@olderandstronger.com.au

Get into the Kitchen of life!

Happy Baking

Martin van Wellness


A Baker for Life

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